“Varices” from the Greek “Varix” means a screw test is taken. Varicose veins, veins near the skin surface are dilated screw test and formed. Varicose veins are likely in all but the most risk places lower limbs and legs. Varicose veins, valves in the veins occur as a result of dysfunction. Normally, the blood return valve in the opposite direction (downward) prevented. This valve may be due to factors such as pregnancy, thrombophlebitis, congenital weakness, obesity or prolonged standing, be stretched. When the valve becomes weak and unable to closing are not natural, puddles of blood in the veins caused. As a result, the veins dilate and become varicose.
Spider veins, varicose veins are kind of minor. They are smaller and closer to the skin surface may seem like spider webs. These are not dangerous, but may be of clinical concern. Diagnosis of varicose veins: superficial varicose vein, in the form of dilated and dark blue screw test. There may be no pain or mild pain in his lower extremities feel. Sometimes deep veins located in the lower limbs are affected and significant inflation and even skin ulcers are to be made. This is known as venous insufficiency. Doctor, have your feet while standing. Checks and to follow inflation, which is another sign of dysfunction of the venous valves is. Varicose veins, wounds or disturbed by the action of the venous valves are usually near the ankle are created. Soak cause long-term ankle tissue, because the outflow of venous blood decreased brown Color seeds, are usually the prelude to a wound. Varicose veins are not life threatening, but over time tends to increase DA Rand. If you are concerned about the appearance of veins or are bothering you, talk to your doctor.
In severe cases, varicose veins may be adjacent skin, itching or sores or discoloration. In case of skin ulcers, see your doctor. Wounds requiring medical care susceptible to this disorder in women is twice that of men. Varicose and its treatment therapies can reduce varicose veins from developing and discomfort. Varicose vein surgery to correct severe in some cases, may be required. Some common treatments (to meet you), include: Sclerotherapy: soluble varicose vein wound is small or medium injected into the veins. Formation of scar tissue, veins dilate the veins closes and healthy blood flow. * Picked out veins: Varicose veins are small in this way with a number of small holes in the skin are removed. Usually local is generally sufficient residual effect is of minor injuries. * Endoscopic vein: a flexible tube (endoscope) that is inserted subtle camera body is lower body to help surgeons view and close veins. This method requires only small incisions. Severe varicose veins and ulcers and in case of varicose veins, probably will benefit from this approach. * Laser surgery for varicose veins, spider veins using lasers smaller are closed. However, the choice of an appropriate treatment to the doctor. Recommendations for the Prevention of varicose vein If you are suffering or dysfunction of valves in the deep veins are, a part of the treatment is to wear appropriate clothing and use suitable extraction unit that relieves varicose stockings rapid and long-term. Use these socks during pregnancy is also desirable. They are evenly compressed the lower limbs and the muscles of the leg veins and blood effective in mobilizing aid and support them. Varies socks to wear in the morning after waking up, even before you get out of bed. They have legs throughout the day as well. Make sure you wear socks are not too tight in the upper thigh or calf. The maintenance of organs: Avoid prolonged sitting or standing. If you are, how to work in a place you have to stay motionless, lower limbs and wrists frequently bent. The up and walk around. According to the Ministry of Health’s Bureau of Educational and health promotion, you probably noticed that at least 20 cm high legs up above heart level at the end of the day, to help relieve swelling. Venous insufficiency of the lower limbs due to inflation, often using stockings for varicose treatment. The socks off, put pressure on the legs and severe inflammation, which can lead to thickening of the skin and pressure ulcer prevention work. Regular exercise is also important activities such as: walking, cycling or swimming to help reduce pressure on the veins and relieve discomfort.

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