17 Tips to Improve Memory, Enhance Ability to Concentrate, and Rejuvenation Brain Chemistry

Has your memory been poor? Whether you’re searching your mind? Whether you are concerned about memory loss? Simple, simple ways and methods of increasing physical activity to increase mental activity, helps you in your mind

If you cannot find your keys, remember your teacher’s name, you’ve forgotten what you were going to buy, you know you’re not alone. All may forget some things. However, memory loss is not something that simple thought. However, no guarantee of the effectiveness of prevention, there is memory loss, but methods and techniques reinforce the memory that we speak are usually effective. The techniques described in this paper to express and explore.


The first memory – Increased mental activity

Just as physical activity keeps your body fit and ready, mentally stimulating activities to keep your mind fit and ready to help. Crossword puzzle, read sections of the newspaper that until now you did not pay attention to them, the choice of new routes to return home or attend classes or training sessions, language and other ways that the brain and mind are to enhance memory, and your stop, memory loss can be useful.

The second method of memory enhancement – Community Relations

Social relations to you to defend yourself against stress and depression, both of which can cause memory loss, Looking for help. Opportunities to communicate with family and loved ones, friends and other people. When you’re invited to dinner or attending an event, go!

The third method of memory enhancement – sort

Perhaps you mess things at home or in the writings of irregular forget so much. What you want to do, obligations, appointments and so on in a particular office, or mobile calendar and save. You can even read it aloud while writing programs to be stored in memory. Also a special place for keys, wallet and other must-choose.

The fourth method of memory enhancement – Focus

Factors that limit and distract you do not try to do several things at once. If you focus on the specific information you want to remember, it’s likely to remember at that moment or later it further.

The fifth method of memory enhancement – healthy diet

healthy diet for the heart is good for your brain as it is beneficial for your heart. Focus as much fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Low-fat protein sources such as fish of your resources, lean meat and chicken and other poultry choose to peel. What you drink is also important, not drinking enough water or drinking alcohol can cause dizziness and memory loss.

Six ways to enhance memory – Add physical exercise and daily schedule

Physical activity increases blood flow to your body, including your brain all that it can boost your memory. For healthy adults, the usual aerobic exercise 150 minutes a week (brisk walking) or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity (jogging) during the week, preferably divided this time, it is suggested. If you do not have enough time to exercise, can help you with your daily ten-minute walk.

The seventh method of memory enhancement – chronic disease management

To manage any chronic disease such as high blood pressurediabetes and depression, see a doctor. The better you protect yourself, your memory better. Also, consult with your doctor about the medications you are taking, some drugs on memory effect.


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