65 Year Old Man Marries 12 Year Old Girl! (Child Marriage Social Experiment)


Early marriage, health and independence for millions of girls are hurt and they are economically dominant – are socially disadvantaged, deprived of access to public information and the lack of proper care in women’s health is damaged.


The majority of prenatal care and childbirth, prevention of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases have little information. The other results of early marriage, Pregnancy children. Child marriage causes many human rights abuses and the right to benefit from the freedom of choice, privacy, privacy, freedom of expression and association, education and non-discrimination and freedom from violence and denies them. Early marriage leads to the formal education of children and the loss of their job is limited and hopes to increase physical damage – psychological and social help. For example, 72 percent of women who attempt to leave home (away from home) and Emergency Social Welfare in years 81 and 82 were admitted between 11 and 17 years old and forced into marriage by families as one of the main reasons were stated escape.

It seems that to get out of the harsh conditions that made possible the field of child exploitation laws of the country must take into account the rights of children to recognize and to change the rules practice of child marriage after decoding. Awareness raising families through mass media institutions and organizations also can help to reduce this harmful phenomenon.

Legal advice before marriage can be a clinical psychologist interventions to prevent forced child marriages and providing more information to the families about the harmful consequences of child marriage lead. Neglect of this important addition to population growth and poverty scheme injuries and personal injuries – Social leads. Street children, who are mainly the product of thousands of Iranian girls with Afghans is inauspicious early and forced marriages, represents the cultural and economic poverty of the families. Because of the failure of the authorities to continue the process and the rights of children with negligence that cannot be simply ignored.

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