Numbness in Hands and Feet | Numbness In Hands While Sleeping

What factors are involved in cold hands and feet and they are increasing numbers in what ways we can treat the condition or disease warnings about how problems in the body’s us, and they are


Cold hands and feet on an ongoing basis in some people may be various reasons, including cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders, depression and mood disorders and is hypothyroidism.

If not because of vascular and heart and blood circulation normal person does not have to worry about is if the called person to neuropathy or nerve conduction disturbances in nerves, peripheral nerves have that need to be barred.

But if cold hands or feet, and swelling prevents normal activities and discoloration of the fingers or arthritis or injured at the hands or feet are disturbing signs that should be a doctor.

Eating fish and eat it supplies the contraction of blood vessels of people with this condition are advised to wear gloves and socks to keep warm the hands and feet of the simplest and easiest way to prevent this disorder.

Balancing keep the room temperature and body temperature are the factors that body’s arteries and is also used to heat the sport and focus of treatment is very effective.


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