Cancer patient receives 3D printed titanium vertebrae implant

 Successful test spine implant

Researchers have designed an implant for the spine that can reduce pain due to spinal injuries. This new tool made by researchers at Guy’s Hospital and St.


Thomas, the possibility of walking to people with disabilities persistent and debilitating pain returned and the relief is granted. This tool disrupted and a significant reduction of pain signals to the brain works. The US consumer researchers, in collaboration with researchers in Belgium and Investment Company, New implants have been tested on 83 patients. Before planting the implant patients pain score of 10, eight were the most severe case was also seen people with 10 scores. But six months after implantation of the scores came in second. This method needs implanted near the spinal cord is connected to a generator. This machine produces a high frequency electrical impulses that patients would not feel them. Adnan Alkysy doctors and pain specialist electrical nerve stimulation at Guy’s Hospital and an author on the study, said: This tool creates new ground in pain management. There is nothing more that can reduce the amount of pain.

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