How to Get Rid of Corns

Corns and methods of treatment, the skin is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and with a small push, and this reaction shows different reaction such as swelling, redness, blisters, etc. Occur.


Corn as a skin lesion, a natural reaction of the body to protect itself.

Sometimes paying attention to the coverage and health of our feet are the second heart, it can cause discomfort and pain in the area.

Corn callosum lesion, usually in the form of dead skin is thin and hairless skin surfaces, especially on the back foot or the toes or on the palms and soles thicker skin caused.

Corns when there is pressure on the skin that resemble elliptical or oval in the center of the focus skin that pressure and over time becomes widespread.

If irritation continually producing tissue corn continues, even after its removal, skin reproduce the corns.

Corn place that is created, causing the hard and soft corns. Usually dry and flat surfaces of hard skin and soft types of intimacy between the fingers.

What people most affected are corns?
Corns are more common among women than men. Women because wearing shoes with high heels and sharp compression of the legs and fingers are more to this disorder. The lesion is usually associated with pain and swelling.

Wearing tight shoes or loose because of footwear, shoes can cause corns to be.

People who are suffering from bone malformations are also at risk of developing corns.

People with diabetes are very vulnerable against skin problems and quickly from this area are in trouble. After proper shoes size recommended that patients use their feet and always look out for their food hygiene.

In addition, athletes, including soccer players, hikers and those who are perverted in the foot, they are more prone to corns.

How to avoid corns with?
Corn is one of those diseases that careful never know if you do not.

Corns are caused by exposure to pressure and friction caused after the first try wearing tight shoes and high heel pointed ovoid.

Always good socks to your feet and your legs softening and moisturizing soft hold. Regular washing and drying your feet do not forget. This approach may seem mundane and seemingly very simple, but very effective role in the prevention and treatment of corns.

What is the proper treatment of corns?
If it remains painful corns, you should consult your doctor to prevent the risk of infection. Office-based physicians, surgery will remove corns with a knife. This work should be performed by qualified personnel, as carried out by laymen, causing infection and recurrence can be corns.

As one of the most effective treatments can be noted corns to freeze the doctor with liquid nitrogen frozen corn, which may be due to freezing feet are a little painful.

Another treatment that has proven its effectiveness, the use of traditional remedies is garlic. The recommended method is to crush a clove of garlic and place for healing the lesion corns and do this several times. The continuation of this practice, corns completely disappears.

Meanwhile, while all this treatment, the correct way to go, using the right shoes and hygiene legs to treat corns helps.

With all this said, sometimes some people prefer to go with this lesion. It is true that the corn is safe for human health, but over time can be painful and cause discomfort.

In addition, if after a while, untreated, with thickening of the skin, the body gradually, sees the alien corn and causes lesions in that area and it will eventually lead to infection. So it is better not to work in worse places, get to work.



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