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What tricks have to apply for a handsome latest mystery is what dandyism and well dressed men in taste in choosing clothes are used and how to achieve it

When it comes to formal wear for men, the first thing that comes to mind is the suit. In fact, a suit for men is the hallmark of a formal type. In a formal meeting of the Classic Division gentlemen have been better, but what exactly is the classic type of language read a designer dress.

Respect to the color blue

This science has proven that in the first 30 seconds acquaintances, have an understanding of each other while talking and there is still opportunity, so the appearance of one of the factors that can affect perception in the initial 30 seconds affect people. In fact, perhaps the in the first few seconds of meeting on children is much greater.

For example, a job interview or a formal meeting time that would introduce himself as the owner of a job, choose the color of clothing can have a great impact on the audience. In these situations, the best color “blue” because most people love it, and on the other hand, a person who uses dark colors subconsciously looks respectable person in the audience, so the first proposal to choose formal suit and blue color after color such as gray or brown is recommended.

It is important fabric

Cloth clothing people, especially men, their economic and social status show. A second suit with good sex more than 10 suits with sex is inferior. Jackets and pants are made from synthetic fibers called Steam power after the fall, we wink at the first glance visual impact on the viewer’s unpleasant. On top of all this sex jackets and trousers too early to take a quick smell of sweat are still dirty.

Coat and striped trousers for short, are

Parts of a gentleman’s clothing including jackets, pants, and shirts must be coordinated. For example, if someone could Printed suit is simple to use, but in a formal hearing is better than heavy, yet elegant colors used. If someone has a relatively short height should suit selection that has a thin vertical stripes, which makes the eyes of others seem taller. It is better to suit the short-sleeved shirt is not used because it does not fit the classic model

Buckles to note

If a person has a short stature is better than the color of his suit belt use, but in general, belts and buckles sex is crucial. Leather belts with buckles, for example, have a negative impact on the poor and ill people. But copper-plated brass buckles that are, after some time lose their original shape and shiny spots on their coppery red color is caused by a bad belt and gives it the appearance of a negative impact on the viewer.

Stay up to date

Hurt was a bit function of fashion in choosing clothes. Of course, this is not always a function of what the fashion is. For example, in the past, but now most prevalent flared pants leg trousers straight tail between people is more acceptable. When the other leg pants flared tail fashion and it has taken some time, go back and re-use it a bit wrong.

Or the use of corrugated or pleated pants for men that have long been out of fashion, will have a negative effect on the viewer that it is better not to use them. A coat that is currently the most used, coats with two slotted in behind, but if someone is fat in the hips, recommended a single coat because it makes Chuck uses his weight to be less visible.

White socks are not allowed.

It is better to choose the right shoes with the suit. In this case, the color of the shoes is several degrees darker than the suit. It can be shoe bags, watches or coordinated belt. But the choice of socks should be courtesy. Socks, shoes and trousers are near. Why should the color or the shoes or the pants fit, but better coordination is the color of socks with shoes.

1 or 2 degrees so that its color is darker than the color of the shoes. A common fashion mistakes in the use of white socks. Imagine a man wearing black suit and when he puts on his feet, his white socks give undesired effects on the viewer due to a color mismatch socks and clothing. The size of the socks should also be noted that when a foot was on the other foot is not identified any part of the socks in the area where pants to cover up.

Everything all know, but…

All of this was mentioned to the viewer subconsciously affect even people who do not have much clue about fashion. For example, in an official party person who uses dark blue suit. Most people think of a respectable and reliable, but there are details that do not realize. For example, those mentioned in the belt buckle, but if a person was minor and was given the mismatch between the belt and clothes, the notion that a person’s will is not precise and tidy. That’s why the observance of detail in the choice of dress can have a huge impact on the perception and judgment of others.


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