Looking for texting while driving increases crash risk 23 times

A 2 second glance means you miss what really matters


While always on the dangers of texting and phone calls while driving referenced, experts on the basis of a new study have shown to what extent these measures could increase the possibility of accidents.


Experts “Virginia Transportation Technology Institute” in America for this study special camera installed in the truck and driver behavior over 6 million miles traveled, analyzed and examined. At the end of the study found, people who text while driving are 23 times more at risk than other drivers are road accidents. In this mode the driver’s eyes for texting, dialing a cell phone, talking with mobile and search was conducted to find out different things and in the end it became clear that each of these measures crash risk increases several times. Average when a driver is texting plans, 6.4 seconds in front of the road and does not look that According to experts, at this time the length of a football field at 55 mph went through.

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