How to Wash Your Face

It is better not to use soap to wash your face and do not want to damage your beautiful face to know the effects of this substance


Many people have the habit of waking up in the morning face wash with soap. If you’re one of these people, we recommend that you do not leave. Soap and other detergents contain substances that can harm the skin and prolonged use of the facial skin is dry, rough and dull it.

On the other hand, fat-skinned people believe that their skin is better for fat loss with detergents and soap to wash your face in the event that the fat may make your skin and fat dryness of manipulate much of your skin as well as its skin and increase skin acne.

In fact, chemical detergents because the balance of your body and skin is fat. Chemical substances such as sodium laureth sulfate and soaps proof of this claim is that if the skin is dry and sensitive.

In addition, the facial skin is very sensitive and can be affected more than other parts of the body are chemicals and detergents. For this reason, it is recommended that instead of soap and detergents to wash your face with warm water only.

Do not use soap for washing face on the results, a group of people with different skin for a week of soap and detergents was used and only wash your face with lukewarm water. The work was astonishing. After a week of face shone and was transparent and fair.

To overcome the fat and skin infections instead of soap and detergents can simply wash it with warm water and then clean the oil pollution with the help of a soft cloth. Remember to wash your face with hot water. The water should be lukewarm or cool.


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