Coffee intake linked to reduced risk of MS

Drinking caffeine can have a significant impact on the prevention of MS Infection different people in a variety of life-threatening complications caused it to try your body with your coffee intake resistance against multiple sclerosis


Research scientists at ” Karolinska” in Sweden and “British Columbia” in Canada showed that people who drink a lot of coffee a day may lower the risk of “MS” is suggested.

Recent research scientists have shown that people who drink a lot of coffee a day may lower the risk of “MS” is suggested.

According to scientists at Karolinska Swedish and British Columbia in Canada over the 6700 study, adults who drank one cup of coffee per day, about 6, were studied.

Researchers have noted that quite definitive findings confirmed the high consumption of caffeine or coffee consumption does not deal with MS but just could indicate a relationship and as further evidence for the role of caffeine on the body health.

“MS” in humans occurs when the immune system mistakenly sheath around nerve fibers in the spinal cord and brain attacks depending on where the damage occurred, people may numbness, muscle weakness, problems with vision, balance and coordination suffer.

Research has shown that high consumption of coffee reduces the risk of diseases such as brain cells “Parkinson” and “Alzheimer’s” has a direct relationship, when the results of the “MS” is checked, the findings are such a merger.

The research team studied two groups of people, 1620 Swedish 788 people with MS and 10 thousand Americans with MS in 1159 and the second group without the disease and 1172 healthy controls were studied.

Generally people with an average consumption of 30 ounces per day -6 Cup- one-third lower risk of developing MS was.

This results even when the researchers compared coffee consumption habits of these individuals 5 to 10 years before symptoms of MS were studied, was unchanged.


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