(The Scalp Part 1/3) ~ Oily Hair and Scalp

Why some hair washed shortly after the fat is the cause of this situation, how can we prevent it in the hair.


Some unhealthy habit causes increased secretion of sebum (natural oil) in the area of the scalp and hair is oily.

You wash your hair every week 3 to 4 times and still look fat is intolerable. This makes a lot of sleep in the morning before they go to work or university, etc. Wash their hair. No doubt oily hair to solve one of the problems is that it must be the root cause. Some unhealthy habit causes increased secretion of sebum (natural oil) in the area of the scalp and hair is oily. In this article, 5 causes oily hair early as we can.
Trichotillomania means involuntary manipulative, obsessive and excessive hair. It is a mental illness in a state of anger, frustration, lack of confidence and so is intensifying. Of course, this situation is acute.
But if you’re accustomed to much to lose your hair, it is better to know sooner than the usual greasy hair will be, because all fats and dirt accumulated in the hands transferred to the hair. That’s it!

High washing hair
If you think that daily shampooing their hair clean you are wrong. Wash hair daily and high natural oils of the scalp and stimulates it to be destroyed. As a result the scalp to produce sebum (fat) are greater. In fact, a vicious circle is formed. The best thing is that hair shampoo two to three times a week.

Use of hair conditioner
If you regularly hair (after shampooing) and most of these products use the hair from root to tip, you’re, you know you’re wrong in using these products.
It is better to use gentle products and check them just the tip of the hair shaft, not to the root of them, because indulgence in using this product makes the hair greasy. Finally, rinse your hair with plenty of water remaining emollients to be addressed. Otherwise cause serious damage to their hair and be strangled.
If frequent brushing, the hair dryer and extreme handling and use of flat irons, etc. Are also oily hair early, because the use of these tools will increase the sebum secretion. It is true that initially beautiful hair and radiant look, but the fact is that long hair brushing stimulates the production of fat. The more you sit under a hair dryer, hair becomes more oily.

Brushes and combs
Never clean brushes and combs do not neglect, such as brush hair care products such as gels and other gathering places residue, grease and dust, and all of these compounds combing hair, can be transmitted directly to them. It also causes premature hair is dirty and greasy. We advise frequently washing your brushes and combs clean.


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