Care for sinus disorders

People with sinus problems are better ways to take special care in this area helps prevent this complication damage to the body caused by disorders of the sinus problem in this matter and we have been


Pounding headaches with sinusitis with nasal secretions for those are very familiar. Sinuses, air-filled cavities in the bones of the skull and face, whenever cramps by germs and dirt, they will develop sinusitis.

Colds and flu, allergies or a deviated septum are all involved in these disorders. Pain, fever, discharge from the nose and throat infection sinusitis symptoms.

But each side of the face has 4 sinus that include:

Maxillary sinus: located under the eyes and cheekbones. Maxillary sinusitis can lead to pain and pressure in the cheeks and tooth pain and headaches often shows itself.

The frontal sinuses in the eye. The sinuses are created after 7 years of age and if they become sinusitis, pain and a feeling of pressure in the eye emerge.

Ethmoid sinuses between the eyes and nose and turn it into sinusitis leading to pain and pressure between the nose and the eyes.

Sinus moth: The pituitary gland is located at the back of the skull and into the sinus pain and pressure behind the eyes is lead.

Symptoms of sinus congestion

Pressure or pain in the face, congestion or stuffy nose, low-grade fever between 9 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, bad breath, pain in the upper teeth, are the symptoms of sinus congestion.

Prevention simple care of the sinuses

You can find many sinus problems using Reduce the heat and humidity. Sinus Care include:

A wet, warm washcloth on the face, eyes and nose, put a couple of times a day. This is to loosen secretions and heating the air in the sinuses is useful to relieve the pressure and pain.

Use washing of the nose is useful. Studies show that a mixture of concentrated salt water and baking soda (bicarbonate), resulting in pus and mucus is easier to get out.

Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate the essential.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine is important to prevent dry sinuses.

Wet steam inhalation is recommended to loosen mucus.

Use moisturizing gel inside the nostrils to relieve dryness of the mode useful. Try to use gels that contain eucalyptus, menthol or peppermint oil or clove is.

Put a humidifier in the bedroom during sleep is essential. This approach is recommended to prevent bacteria growth.

Stay away from smoke and air pollution is very important because the infection can damage cilia.Image1127-300x336

Daily exercise for 20 minutes, increases blood flow in the body and swollen sinuses and reduce their pores.

If antibiotics were prescribed by a doctor, have until full completion, they will be used.

Many with high sinus headaches completely disappears, but the American Academy of ear, nose and throat of adults in special cases should be advised to see their doctor if symptoms of sinusitis for more than 10 days, a person with asthma or had allergies.

When the goal is to open the sinuses and nasal cavity is a link between the use of topical decongestants or public can help.

Way communication may be closed, as a result of allergies, which in this case is the use of drugs.

When there are signs of a sinus infection, antibiotics should be used.


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