Toddler Who Eats Paint, Carpet, Washing Powder, Bugs, Stones, Plastics And More – Mandy Moore

The child has a passion for eating wood and stone and exotic food shows great interest his parents are very worried and are afraid of this type of nutrition are experiencing various problems


– The three-year child suffering from the disorder Pica or she eats anything other than food.

This cute little girl called ” Mandy” is literally not find anything other than food eats, because he suffers from a rare disorder makes up an appetite everything from carpets to paint, how is Mandy ever eaten so much that washing machine powder, cooking oil, carpet, stone, wood, plastic, sand, insecticides, paints, pens and toilet paper are some of them. Even the Center for Medicare to treat children who could be a useful step to keep safe from being eaten dolls take this girl.

That’s why 26-year-old mother had Mandy is always careful to make sure he was not choking on something or something does not cause serious injury to his. He says Mandy

Be a year before, when he had not yet started to eat weird stuff. He really is unique. Most experts say have ever seen something like Medicare. Mandy

If he eats anything. Sometimes I have my fingers in his mouth to stifle his food is not eaten.

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