18 Yr Old Becomes Blind After Really Bad Allergic Reaction


She colors her hair was beginning his vision and loss of your vision Unfortunately, severe sensitivity to food dyes cause it was his eyes


Many people around the world aimed at combating aging, diversity or enhance the beauty of hair dye use and do not even think the dye can take their eyes off them.

Some time later, a girl of her hair color and face many changes in his own eyes. And his eyes were starting to wind so that others could not breathe, could not speak. When visiting a doctor, found the source of the problem was a little better with drug treatment.

Three months later, he wants to dye her hair again to use a different brand of hair color, but suddenly he lost his eye, saw tar and transparent could not see why he transferred to the hospital. After numerous tests, he was diagnosed with para-phenylenediamine, which is a substance in hair dye is sensitive.

After continuous treatment can not fully regained his sight and now he is a big proponent of cosmetics sold dangerous products and to all ladies recommends that instead of the color of her hair, they do not play with your health and stay of natural.

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