Knee Pain: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

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If knee injuries in youth are not treated timely and properly laying the groundwork for developing knee arthritis later in life will be destroyed
Do not get sore knees.

Knee pain in all circumstances and in particular the fourth and fifth decades of life into, you may come later, when you’re going up and down stairs, when for a long time sitting behind your desk and your knees and did not move even when You run or heavy exercise, but done incorrectly may into your such pain to come.

Fortunately knee pain in many cases, are not serious and cumbersome, and just relax and do a few simple solutions like using ice packs or taking anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers resolved. However Knee Surgery Fellowship with the use of strategies and ways to reduce pain and risk of knee injury that including this will be to strengthen the muscles around the knee, which can improve knee function.

Sometimes the knee joint problems, but because of the weakness does not show a good performance. Of course, several exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint, the quadriceps exercise is more important. The quadriceps are four muscles in the front of the thigh, the knee strength to bear responsibility. These muscles play an important role in walking and turning movements.

Be careful sports injury

Preventing damage to the knee joint at a young age is very important.  Joint destruction in youth sport injuries resulting from the rupture of the cruciate ligament and meniscus knee.

One by stating such damage if not detected and not treated timely and properly could damage the process of developing knee osteoarthritis and provide older. That’s why athletes are advised to remedies, including stretching exercises (at least 30 minutes) before unusual heavy exercise in front of their injuries. As well as those who do not have enough physical fitness should avoid conflict and facing extreme sports.

This underlines knee surgery: walking, running, and a variety of aerobic exercise to strengthen muscles and improve knee function effectively. It should be noted that the exercise is done properly and he is not likely to cause injury. Do not forget one of the best ways to prevent knee injuries and protect the already damaged knee (meniscus tear or disease, for example, joint damage), strengthening the quadriceps.

Low weight so that the knees do not ache

Statistics show that the increase in weight and not doing proper exercise causes a lot of pressure on the knees over time, especially in women and one susceptible to wear knee. In fact, weight gain, repeated exposure in difficult situations such as sitting on the floor and using the toilet Iran’s too much pressure on the knee.

For this reason, one doctor said infection rates in women have osteoarthritis of the knee and reinforce the importance of using the correct muscles, especially the older emphasized and added it is proved that the increased weight of up to five times the pressure of There is damage to the knee joint. Undoubtedly, such pressure, arthritis and articular cartilage lesions of the knee helps to start.

Deflection of the knee as a teenager

Those who have knee deviation due to structural problems, with knee pain after puberty should take action to correct a deviated his knee.

It stated above knee surgery insists: Do not forget the painful diversion meant to start the process of its destruction. However, in infancy, from birth to two years old children Braces legs may not be that unusual. From 2 years to 8 years of age, there can be little deviation in normal knees considered, but such a problem if the treatment should be continued until puberty to later ages to be bigger problems. He notes: If you do not have excess weight, the deviation of the knee joint and if timely treatment of rheumatic diseases and inflammation of the joints to heal fast and timely action, then it will prevent the knees with a degenerative process fails.


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