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What is sciatica?

Sciatica refers to pain caused by a sciatic nerve problem is. This large nerve on both sides from the waist down the back of each thigh. When injured or pressure on the sciatic nerve is placed, can be a pain in the bottom thigh, hips and feet and up to 90% of patients recover without surgery.

Sciatica symptoms:

The most common symptoms of sciatica, back pain is through the thighs and buttocks and down one leg extended. The pain usually affects only one foot is possible when you sit, cough, sneeze or worse. Feet may at times you feel numbness, and weakness. Sciatica symptoms appear suddenly and can last for days or weeks.

Sciatica and other back pains

85% of Americans experience some form of back pain in their lifetime have. But this is not always the sciatic nerve. In many cases, back pain resulting in muscle strain the lower back, or side of the body. Leg cramps may be like that for a few days we feel pain in the back of the leg.

Who is sciatica?

Most people who are aged 30 to 50 are sciatica. Women may be more prone to this problem during pregnancy caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve of the uterus and the fetus. Other causes include disc herniation and degenerative arthritis of the spine

Cause: spinal disc herniation

The most common cause of sciatica, herniated discs are. Disc-like cushions between the vertebrae of the spine acts. It’s hard to injuries, is more vulnerable. Sometimes the gel-like center of a disc through the outer cover and press it on the roots of the sciatic nerve damage. About 1 in 50 people have a herniated disc. A quarter of these symptoms last for more than six weeks must have.

Cause narrowing of the spine

Natural wear and tear of the spine can lead to spinal stenosis. This narrowing, called stenosis, spinal cord and sciatic nerve may put pressure on the roots. Spinal stenosis is more common in adults over 60 years.

Cause: The spinal cord tumors

In rare cases, sciatica may tumors growing within or along the spinal cord or the sciatic nerve to come into being. For example, a tumor may grow and the nerves that branch from the spinal cord pressure.

Cause: The wallet

Most men’s wallets in the back pocket of his pants, over time, can cause sciatica tend to be better. So is it in the front pocket of their trousers or shorts

Due to injury or infection.

Other causes of sciatica: muscle inflammation, infection, or injury such as a fracture. In general, any condition that causes irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve, it can be a sign of the beginning. In some cases, no specific cause can be found sciatica.

Sciatica detection test

To determine whether you have sciatica or not, your doctor about your pain and how it started and where it is located just ask. You may be asked to squat, walk on heels and toes without bending the knees or raise your feet do. This test can help your doctor help you to stimulate muscle shrinkage you determine sciatica.

Diagnosis of Sciatica: Shooting

Your doctor may order imaging tests such as: order more information about the location and cause of nerve stimulation to the spinal discs, ligaments and muscles give. CT scans use a contrast agent can also provide a useful image of the spinal cord and nerves. Determine the cause of sciatica can help guide treatment process and can also help to identify bone abnormalities, but X-rays can cause neurological problems, too.

Complications related to sciatica:

If you have suffered the loss of bladder or bowel control, contact your doctor. This can be a sign of a medical emergency that requires surgery to prevent permanent damage. Fortunately, these complications are rare. Most cases of sciatica will disappear within a few days or a few weeks and does not cause any permanent damage.

Sciatica Relief: Ice and heat

The steps that you can easily reduce your sciatica pain at home: with heating pad or ice pack is especially useful. Apply heat or ice for 20 minutes every two hours to do or try alternating heat and ice.

Sciatica relief: drug

Taking painkillers can help short-term relief of sciatica pain. Acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen are effective in relieving pain. Your doctor may inject steroids to reduce inflammation.

Sciatica Relief: Stretch

While your sciatica treatment, try to keep yourself active. Motion can actually help to reduce inflammation and pain. A physical therapist can show you how to gently stretch the back of the thigh and lower back do. Depending on your medical condition, certain exercises may be recommended. Your doctor may recommend walking the short term.

Sciatica Relief Injections

In severe cases, your doctor may inject steroids into the spine to reduce inflammation recommend. This method delivers drugs directly to the area around the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica Relief: Surgery

If your sciatica due to herniated discs still causes severe pain after four to six weeks in you, surgery may be an option. Partition disks hernia surgery to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve is removed. Some patients have surgery to get rid of this kind of pain.

Sciatica Rehab

After back surgery, your general driving, lifting, or bending forward for about a month to avoid. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy in helping you strengthen the back muscles. When you receive your full recovery, was a great opportunity to catch up on all of you to continue your normal activities.

Complementary medicine:

There is evidence that acupuncture, massage, yoga, chiropractic adjustments can eliminate low back pain. But more research is needed to determine whether this treatment for sciatica is useful or not.

Prevention of sciatica

If you have sciatica once, there will be a chance to return. But you can take steps to reduce the risk to do it:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain appropriate cases.
  • Lifting heavy objects bend at the knees.

These steps can help you avoid injury to the lumbar vertebrae that may lead to sciatica to help.



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