10 Famous People Who Look COMPLETELY Different Now

It’s not often that you look back at photos of celebrities when they are younger and notice just how much they’ve changed. Many celebrities who are famous today got their start in Hollywood years and years ago. Over that time, they have had such huge transformations that they barely look like the same person anymore. Some have lost weight, some have gained weight, some have had their lips done, or changed their hair. And some of them just grew up. It might not be something you recognize, but take a look at today’s video to see exactly what we mean.

It’s typical to put on the same weight over the years, especially as you’re growing from a boy to a man, or if you’re a woman who has been pregnant. But some celebrities gained so much weight from when they were younger that they barely look like the same person anymore. Rob Kardashian is a notable example. He gained 100 pounds over 2 years when he was battling depression. He took a break from the spotlight and came back looking like a totally changed man. He’s working on slimming down, but still looks totally different than he once did. Same goes for Kelly Clarkson. Her weight has fluctuated over the years, but when she won American Idol, she was drastically smaller than she is now.

And have you ever noticed how hair can completely change a person’s face? Take former Calais, Nicole Kidman and Jessica Sarah Parker for example. They’ve changed their once curly, puffy ‘does to straight, luscious locks. And it’s made quite the difference. Megan Fox and Kristen Stewart both starting acting when they were young. They’re both drop dead gorgeous, but look considerably different than they did years ago. Megan’s face was much rounder and freckled, with thinner lips, and Kristen loved to rock the tomboy look. They’ve both grown up into absolute stunners.

Then there are the actors who were famous back in the day, who has pretty much flown off the radar. Brendan Fraser was once one of Hollywood’s favorite men, but over the years he totally let himself go. He gained a considerable amount of weight and looks totally different than he once did. And Kristie Alley is right there with him, completely transforming from her bombshell days. You’ll never believe how much these famous people have changed. Take a look at 10 famous people who look completely different now.

From: TheTalko

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